Comfast CF-WR758AC Setup Guide

Looking to boost the existing router’s WiFi range? Well, it can be done by performing Comfast CF-WR758AC setup. CF-WR758AC extender by Comfast is capable of providing networking speed up to 1200Mbps covering the dead zones of the house. Check out the information mentioned on this page and learn how a Comfast CF-WR758AC range extender can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Comfast CF-WR758AC Setup Methods

Before you dive deep and learn the steps to perform Comfast CF-WR758AC setup, it is necessary that you get acquainted with the setup methods. You can make use of either the manual method or opt for the WPS method in order to get success with the Comfast setup process. Below, we have outlined the basic difference between these two setup methods:

WPS Method: This method of performing Comfast CF-WR758AC setup is considered the easiest one. The reason being, a user only has to push a button located on the Comfast CF-WR758AC extender. That is why, it is also known as push-button configuration.

Manual Method: If you choose to install your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender with the help of the manual method, you have to get access to information like the default IP and password of your extender. Additionally, it also demands the usage of a web browser.


Are you ready to know the steps to perform Comfast WiFi extender setup using both methods? If yes, then check out the next sections.

Comfast CF-WR758AC Setup via WPS Method

Step 1: Power Up the Extender

The process of setting up every Comfast range extender begins with powering it up. Your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender follows the same rule. So, plug it into an electrical outlet that shares room with the host router. Right after that, hit the Power button and wait till the lights on your Comfast start glowing. However, you also need to ensure that router is powered up.

Step 2: Push the WPS Button

As mentioned earlier, the Comfast CF-WR758AC setup via the WPS method can be done with the push of a button, you need to start looking for the WPS button on your device. Have you found it? Yes? Great! Now, press it carefully. Thereafter, move to the router and push the WPS button on it too.

This completes the Comfast CF-WR758AC setup process via the WPS method. Wasn’t the process easy to execute? What happened? Are you unable to set up your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender? Worry not! You can contact our experts for immediate help. However, you are also free to use the manual method for installing your Comfast range extender.

Comfast CF-WR758AC Setup Using Manual Method


Step 1: Connect Your WiFi Devices

After powering up your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender, you are supposed to connect it to the host router. For this purpose, an Ethernet cable or a wireless source will come to your rescue. But, you have to make sure that the connection should be stable with respect to the source holding your WiFi devices together.

Step 2: Access the Comfast IP Address

Once you complete the previous step, consider powering up your PC. The PC must be receiving a proper power supply. Now, open a web browser from the list of popular web browsers. The most common ones are Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Thence, insert the default IP address of your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender into the URL field and press Enter. You will soon see the login page of your wireless range extender.

Step 3: Do Comfast Login

As soon as the Comfast WiFi extender login screen makes its appearance, key in the default password of your Comfast CF-WR758AC extender and select the Login button. With this action, you will be taken to the Comfast CF-WR758AC setup wizard. Here, consider following the instructions appearing on the screen and let the setup process get completed.

This is how the Comfast CF-WR758AC setup process via the manual method is carried out. We would like to appreciate you for making your device up and running. Now, your dream of accessing a blazing-fast internet connection throughout the house won’t be a dream anymore.

Need More Help With Comfast CF-WR758AC Setup?

Although the instructions mentioned on this page will help you perform Comfast CF-WR758AC setup process without any hassle, in case you still feel like needing an expert’s guidance, contact our professionals. Whether you get in touch with them during the day or night, they are always on their toes to help out Comfast extender users like you.

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