Comfast CF-WR302S Setup

Got your hands on a CF-WR302S wireless repeater by Comfast and are now looking for instructions to set it up? If yes, walking through this page will be beneficial for you. Here, you will learn two different methods using which performing Comfast CF-WR302S setup will become the easiest task for you.

How to Set Up Comfast CF-WR302S via WPS Method?

The WPS method of installing a networking device is considered the least time-consuming method. All you are supposed to do is press the same button on the devices you wish to connect. Since your CF-WR302S repeater receives the internet connection from the router, setting it up means connecting it to the router.

Given below are the steps that will help you perform Comfast CF-WR302S setup via the WPS approach:

  • Unbox your newly purchased device brought in by Comfast.
  • Once done, find a wall socket near the main router and plug your repeater into it.
  • The moment the LED lights of your repeater gain some stability, press the WPS button.
  • Next, locate the button with the same label on the router and push it.
  • Wait for some time and let your repeater gets installed.
Comfast CF-WR302S setup

How to Set Up Comfast CF-WR302S via IP Address?

The WPS method helps only those users who own a WPS-enabled router. What about those who don’t have one? Well, Comfast ensures that its users stay connected to high-speed internet no matter what. That is why it also provides users the ability to perform Comfast CF-WR302S setup via the IP address. Mentioned below are the instructions that will make you learn how to do Comfast extender setup:

Can’t Surf Internet after Comfast CF-WR302S Setup?

Many users complain that they can’t surf the internet on their mobiles or laptops after completing the setup process of their Comfast CF-WR302 repeaters. In case you are also sailing in the same boat, walking through the points mentioned below can help you:

How to Update Comfast CF-WR302S Firmware?

Comfast CF-WR302S repeater
If you want your Comfast repeater to deliver its best, then you must keep its firmware upgraded. The firmware update comes with bug fixes and security enhancement features. The steps given below will make you learn how to install the latest firmware version on the CF-WR302S repeater:

  • Open a web browser and download the latest firmware file for your repeater.
  • Thereafter, access the repeater’s default IP and log in to your device.
  • Go to the Settings section and look for the Firmware Update option.
  • Upload the firmware file and wait.

How to Reset Comfast CF-WR302S Repeater?

Whether major or minor, any issue occurring with respect to the Comfast repeater can be resolved with the reset process. Resetting the repeater is one of the easiest things you can do. Here’s how:

Keep in mind that resetting the repeater will erase every customized setting. It means you have to do Comfast WR-302S setup again and personalize them again via the default IP address. FYI, the default IP address of your Comfast CF-WR302S repeater is

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