Comfast WiFi Extender Setup

Have you invested in a Comfast extender and looking to learn the Comfast setup process? If yes, then luckily your search ends here. This website covers every bit of information a user needs for performing Comfast WiFi repeater setup. So, stick to reading and learn the whole nine yards of Comfast WiFi extender setup.

How to Set up Comfast WiFi Extender?

Comfast extenders are new in WiFi market; however, they have captured the attention of many users due to their seamless and incredible performance. Well, to make your Comfast WiFi extender ready to use, it’s important that you first complete the Comfast repeater setup process. To make you familiar, a Comfast WiFi extender can be installed using two different methods. You can either execute the Comfast repeater setup process using the manual method or with the help of the WPS button. Here, we’ll cover the Comfast setup steps for both methods for making the entire tedious task a cakewalk for you. Let’s get started!

Comfast Repeater Setup – Manual Method

Comfast WiFi Repeater Hardware Setup
  • As soon as you are done with unpacking your device, start the Comfast repeater setup process by connecting your home router to the Comfast extender.
  • Two options are available for you to establish connections between your devices. Either use an Ethernet cable or opt for wireless source of connection, the choice is all yours.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to challenge yourself with Comfast WiFi repeater setup issues, then go with wired connections. However, make sure the cable used for the process is not broken from any point.

  • In the next step, you are required to connect the power adapter of your Comfast WiFi repeater to a power outlet and turn on the power button.
  • Wait for the LED lights on your device to turn solid and then proceed with the Comfast setup process.

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Comfast WiFi Repeater Configuration

  • Get access to your computer or laptop and turn it on.
  • Make sure the system you select for the Comfast setup process is not carrying any malicious content.
  • Now, open a web browser on your machine and head towards the URL field.
  • Here, you need to type the default IP address of your Comfast WiFi repeater.
  • This will get you to the login page of your Comfast.
  • Proceed with the Comfast setup process by setting a password and selecting a language of your choice.
  • Once done, you will be welcomed by the Comfast WiFi repeater setup wizard giving you various instructions.
  • Follow all these instructions carefully and complete the Comfast repeater setup process using the manual method.

Congratulations! We hope that the ‘how to set up Comfast WiFi extender’ section will help you make your device up and running.

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How to Set Up Comfast WiFi Extender Using WPS?

Apart from the manual method, you can also set up Comfast WiFi extender using the WPS method. Here’s how:

  • Place your Comfast WiFi repeater in the same room where your home router is installed.
  • Connect the power adapter of the Comfast WiFi repeater to a power socket and power up the device.
  • Now, it’s time to press the WPS button on your Comfast WiFi repeater.
  • Head towards your home router and press the WPS button on it now.

Be patient and let the Comfast WiFi repeater setup process gets completed via WPS. If you find yourself stuck while executing the Comfast WiFi extender setup process, contact our technical experts for quick assistance.

Common Comfast WiFi Repeater Setup Issues

If you are not a techie, then the probability is there that you may experience some issues while doing the Comfast repeater setup. Below is the list of most frequent issues faced by users while doing Comfast setup:

  • Can’t set up Comfast extender
  • Comfast repeater blinking
  • Unable to access Comfast extender setup page
  • Default IP not working
  • Comfast extender keeps disconnecting

If you are having a hard time due to any of these issues, then check the next sections and learn to fix all these Comfast extender setup issues in a jiffy.

Still Can’t Set Up Comfast Extender?

You might be getting issues while doing Comfast WiFi extender setup:

  • If your device is caught by some technical glitches
  • Due to the use of an infected PC or laptop
  • Because an outdated web browser has been used
  • There are typing errors in the IP address
  • As the web browser used for the process is packed with cache and cookies
  • In case you have followed the wrong Comfast WiFi extender setup steps

Correct all these measures and see if you can complete Comfast WiFi extender setup.

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Slow Internet Issue Even After Comfast Setup? Why?

Comfast WiFi Extender Reset

Comfast WiFi repeaters are meant to offer seamless internet access in every nook and cranny of your home. But, what if you are getting slow internet issues even after doing Comfast repeater setup? Well, there is no need to worry! Execution of the steps given below will help you fix the slow internet issue. Continue reading!

  • Consider making changes to the password of your Comfast WiFi repeater. Perhaps someone is thrashing your WiFi, letting you get bothered by the slow internet issue.
  • Place your Comfast WiFi repeater within the range of your home router. Possibly, it is not catching proper signals and getting you into the mess of slow internet issues even after completing Comfast setup.
  • Update the firmware of your Comfast WiFi repeater to the latest version, whenever a new one is available. This will bring bug fixes to your Comfast extender as well as enhance its overall performance. Nevertheless, ensure to update the firmware of your Comfast repeater as its product line.
  • Accessibility of a lot of devices to the network of your Comfast extender can also be a reason why you are facing a slow internet issue after doing Comfast setup. For fixing the same, disable the accessibility of unwanted devices from the network of your Comfast WiFi repeater.
  • Have you manually chosen the WiFi channel for your Comfast extender? No? Well then do it now! Probably the WiFi channel you have selected for your Comfast WiFi repeater is overcrowded. In such a situation, change it to the least used one. Doing so will help you get rid of the slow internet issue after doing Comfast set up.
  • You might have not completed the Comfast setup process accurately. If that is the case, take your extender back to its default settings by pressing the Reset button. Once done with the reset process, follow the steps given in the ‘how to setup Comfast WiFi extender’ section and make your device work without any hassle.

This is how you can fix the slow internet issue with your Comfast WiFi repeater. Looking for more assistance? Contact our technical experts for the quick help!

Can’t Access Comfast WiFi Extender Setup Page?

Getting issues while accessing Comfast WiFi repeater setup page? Worry not! In this particular section, you will learn various way-outs to fix major problems while doing Comfast setup.

  • Make sure your Comfast extender is getting the supply of power from the mains. For this, have a tab on the power LED of your Comfast WiFi extender.
  • Keep in mind to use the correct IP address. If any typos are there, you will not be able to access the Comfast WiFi repeater setup page.
  • Reboot your main router and Comfast extender.
  • Update your web browser by heading towards its settings.
  • During the Comfast WiFi repeater setup, place both your WiFi devices in the same room.
Comfast Extender Setup via Comfast Login Page

If you are still experiencing the same issue, connect with our expert technicians. They will help in resolving all your Comfast WiFi extender setup problems within minutes.

There are many more issues faced by Comfast users. To help them all, we’ve given various troubleshooting hacks right from the table of our experts in the section below. So, read on.

How to Fix Comfast WiFi Repeater Setup Issues?

Reboot Your Comfast Extender

The very first thing you need to try is rebooting your Comfast extender by disconnecting its power adapter from its wall socket. Once your extender has some rest without power, plug in the adapter of your Comfast extender back to its wall socket and turn on the power button. Now, initiate the Comfast repeater setup process and check if you can get success with the same.

Double-Check Cable Connections

If you used an Ethernet cable to connect your Comfast WiFi extender to the router, ensure the cable is in good working order and free of cuts. If you've linked both devices wirelessly, make sure the connection is strong. Also, be sure the power outlets you're using to connect your router and Comfast extender provide a stable and consistent power supply.

Cross-Check the IP Address

Are you certain that the IP address you're using to access the Comfast setup page is the correct one? FYI, a single typo in the default IP address can cause bigger problems than you are having right now.

Your Extender Location Can Be Changed

If you have not installed your Comfast extender in the correct area, the Comfast setup process will not get completed. Users are suggested to keep their extenders in the same room where they have configured their home WiFi router when doing Comfast repeater setup. Apart from that, the extender should not be placed beneath a table or within a cabinet. It's best to put the Comfast WiFi repeater somewhere in open, not too close to the floor or too close to the ceiling.

Keep WiFi Interference to Minimum

If your router or Comfast extender is positioned near equipment that generates radio waves, you may have problems while doing the Comfast repeater setup. To solve the problem, keep your WiFi devices away from baby monitors, cellular phones, Bluetooth speakers, and refrigerators among other things. Apart from that, stay away from reflective surfaces, metal appliances, aluminum studs, and concrete walls when setting up your Comfast WiFi repeater.

Upgrade Web Browser

Remember to upgrade your web browser to the newest version if you want to complete the Comfast WiFi extender setup process without any problems. Remove your web browser's cache and cookies to avoid any more browser-related troubles while setting up your Comfast extender.

Your Comfast Should Be Re-Configured

Most likely, you have not properly configured your Comfast WiFi repeater, which is why you are unable to get success with the Comfast set up process. If that's the case, consider restoring it to factory defaults and configuring it from scratch.

These are several methods for resolving Comfast WiFi extender setup problems. If things still aren't working out for you and you're having trouble setting up your Comfast extender, feel free to contact our technical experts for help.

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Comfast Setup Completed But No Internet Access?

If you have completed the Comfast setup process, but getting no internet access on any of your devices, here’s what should you do:

Comfast extender

In most cases, no internet access issue is caused due to faulty WiFi connections and technical glitches. However, with a few simple troubleshooting hacks, the problem can be resolved. Here are the steps to resolving the ‘Comfast Setup Completed But No Internet Access’ problem:

  • See if your Comfast extender's power LED is solid. If not, disconnect your extender from the wall socket, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Check if your device is having access to your Comfast WiFi extender.
  • Bear in mind to use the default login password for first-time accessibility to your device.
  • If you are setting up your Comfast WiFi repeater as an access point, keep in mind to use a wireless connection rather than the wired one.

These all are the ways following which you can fix the no internet access issue with your Comfast WiFi repeater.

Comfast WiFi Extender Setup – FAQs

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